maandag 14 juni 2010

What a Beautiful weather

The weather was fantastic this weekend so we made a lot of walks.
Saw a lot of new life also some Swans with litlle ones but couldn't take a picture it was to narrow and they didn't like us
We were very proud of Beaudor to leave them alone he is a Hauntingdog you know ;-))

A real dutch sky with landscape our country is so beautiful ....


We enjoyed our weekend outdoors I hope you did to .

zondag 13 juni 2010

Ijaba's 5th Birthday

Today it's Ijaba's birthday,she is the Beautiful and sweet mother of our Beaudor.
It was love at first sight when we saw her and are so very glad we have a Boy of her.
It's our dream to have a second Rhodesian Ridgeback one day when our Beaudor is up to it.
That will be a challenge to find a Mother as sweet and beautiful like her.
Ijaba whe wish you and your pack many,many more years in health and happiness,see you soon and many kisses from your Beaudor.......

woensdag 9 juni 2010

We did it!!!

After a lot of training...yeah I'm a Ridgeback you know.

Even in France during the holidays Ruud and I practised every day

and I was good.....

Keeping attention even when everybody wanted to hug me ,yeah I know I'm Beau(beautiful in france) my name is Beaudor you know

And finally yesterday we did it we were "simply the best",only 1 part of the examen I played the clown had to let them know how Ridgebacks can have bananas in their ears.
Marja is very proud of Ruud and me we both got Hollandse Nieuwe when we came home yummie...... it's my absolute favourite kind of fish.