woensdag 24 februari 2010

Back from The Vet Dr. Jaap

This little rebel is grown into a very relaxed,social,sweet,friendly and easygoing Male we are so very proud of him.
We went to the vet this morning for his annual checkup and vaccins,he was so relaxed gave the Dr. a big kiss.
This second foto he is kissing his Mom Ijaba she teached him how to be a lovely Boy.

When we tookover we trained and socialized a lot with him and it's so nice to see the results.
We got a big compliment from the Dr.because he asked if we want to use him as Studdog.
He said that he never seen such a lovely character and beautiful Ridgeback before,and with such dogs must be made Puppies.

Yes it's always nice to get compliments,but I already knew how LOVELY he is.

dinsdag 23 februari 2010

Missing Changwena and Denis

This is my sister Changwena she is living in Germany with Helgard and Denis.
We hope to see them in April because I really missed them last Sunday,as you can see she is the Pirate-girl of the family.
Changwena gone with the wind.........
Big hug from your brother,sis..

zondag 21 februari 2010

Rehearsal for the Progenyday

Today we had ringtaining at Kynoconnect the dogschool from Martine(beaudor's breeder),because 17 April we have progenyday with the C-litter.
Present were Chikumbi Kuki,Jua,Chombi all girls and Beaudor.
Jorna was playing the rol of the Judge a bit difficult for Beaudor,because he always want to kiss her.

And from Martine he can't take his eyes of her quit normal his first 8 weeks of his life she loved him to bits and still.....

After the rehearsal the funpart racing in the dunes with from left to right:Jorna,Martijn,Ruud(my hubby)and Martine the doggies,Jua,Chikumbi and Jumpy Beaudor.

He is getting a real Boy now even dares to tell his sister .....Hee listen grrrrrrrrrr.

What a lovely day with "The Mafingafamily" we missed Ijaba(Beaudor's Mother) she was doing her nap with the puppies in her belly.

zaterdag 20 februari 2010

Beaudor's Mother Ijaba 49th day pregnancy

Dear Ijaba is 49 days pregnant of her second litter,it's such a pitty we are not allowed to have another puppy of her.......
Because after Beaudor we only want another puppy of Ijaba but Martine(the breeder) is right our Boy is doing great but it's better to wait 2 years for a second Rhodesian Ridgeback.
They need lots of attention and aducation.
Today we went to the beach and were so very proud of him he is such a social male,but we can understand he is also very impressive when you don't know him.
He is our clown he makes us laugh everyday sometimes through our tears.
Thank you Martine and Martijn for the most lovely R.R in the world.

vrijdag 19 februari 2010

Mafinga Reunion

This pic I got from Jorna on the right is Jua Beaudor's sister and on the left is Bhanu Beaudors Big friend.
This Sunday we have a reunion with The Mafinga litter and we hope Bhanu will be there to because he is so sweet.
Hopefully we can make pics because right now it is grey and drizzling in Holland brrrrrrr.

zondag 7 februari 2010

My new friend Chibharo

Hi,Chibharo let me introduce myself I'm Mafinga Chibvumba Beaudor nice to meet you,Sir.

Hi, Beaudor I'm Shayela Chibharo and I'm the oldest so listen to me.

Oefff....I was very impressed for this Big Male......

And guess what, he wanted to be friends with me........

And me to,see you Chibharo give my auntie Vizara Hunya a big hug.

donderdag 4 februari 2010

Chien de Chasse

Last Christmas when we were in France,some people made Marja afraid and said that I was on the list of dangerous dogs.....
Yesterday we got news from the French Ridgebackclub that I am a Chien de Chasse pfffffffffff.
Now I understand what was on the sign...a Huntingdog but Marja always call me back when I am chasing rabbits.

Here I am on the lookout for Partridges there are a lot of them in France,now I'm counting the days that we go back to France.
It's official I'm a HUNTINGDOG.

maandag 1 februari 2010

Nice walk at the Beach

Are there any doggies to play????

Looking out for Playmates......

Yeah,found one......how do I get her out of the Sea....

Asking gently.......

Yep, it workes she coming with me(she is" Zen" a 10 month old livernose Ridgeback from Scheveningen)
And she was fun to play with,can't help myself but R.R are absolutely my favourites.
Although I love to play with little fury whites ,I adour Labradors...

This girl was fast like I,we played gone with the Wind.

After a nice walk at the beach,this is my favourite place to drink and eat it's called VIEW in Rockanje.
But I don't come for the view I prefer the fireplace that's what we Ridgeback's love..........