maandag 23 augustus 2010

Wonderful weekend

We went to "Sail Amsterdam" and as you can see it started just fine....

Lots of happy people on the water and how smaller the ship how better the fun,we saw some yachts with Botoxladies but they didn't look as happy as this beautiful woman........

It was amazing,the weather,The boats,the Atmosfere real Magic.....

Our worldfamous in Holland "Jeroen van der Boom".....

Our son Nick is always watching"Discovery Channel"
and loves the fishermen which risk their Lives to catch Crab.
So I was very surprised our Fishshop had it For Sale,and Nick deserved to be spoiled a bit.
Beaudor had to check it out,what is that????

He found it a bit scary by the way it was delicious.......
We had a wonderful weekend and thanks for all the hardwarming words for my Dad
He is doing a bit better now.....

donderdag 19 augustus 2010

Encore France

Meditation is something Beaudor does best,I can learn a lot of him.....

Yeah right,thanks now you waked me ,although Beaudor can't speak his eyes tell it all.

Beaudor inspecting his halfbrother Dhunduru,yeap it definitly is a BOY,in front Queenmom Ijaba.
It was lovely to have them over now we could see it's no problem to take a babybrother next year,our boy was so relaxed were very proud of him.

Hey the litlle one is kissing Mom.....
So finally found time to blog being in Holland for 3 days and the only thing I did was run.
My dad has some healthproblems so had to alarm the doctors,He never complains so I do that for him.
Can,t miss my papabear yet and Beaudor certainly not,so now I gonna visit all my Bloggiefriends and then of to Sail in Amsterdam.
Have a Ridgebackday xxx.

dinsdag 3 augustus 2010

Mafingafamily visits the Roseraie

Me and my sweetest Mommy Ijaba .

The baker comes every day at our house,he's my friend now but at first he was afraid of me,and now there were 4 of us,wow that made him brrrrr.

The mafingafamily was welcomed with bubbles offcourse.......Roseraiepolicy.

Me,My Mom Ijaba and sissy Kumbi took care of Ruud so he wouldn't drown , by the way my halfbrother Dhuru did swim too later on.

At night we were soooooooooo tired the little one in front is the baby Dhuru(5 months now)
It was very nice to have them all,I can't wait for a brother next year.
Because I was so very gentle with Dhuru who is a male to, Ruud and Marja are sure there comes another one to play with me ,Jieha can't wait.......