donderdag 28 oktober 2010

Boy changing to Man

Have to explain to you my humans are a bit strange.....
On the first of December it will be my second birthday and its normal I grow...
Nick's girlfriend Sousja hadn't seen me for 3 weeks and thought I was somebody else ((:
Have to say goodbye for a while, were changing homes in my other home the internet is so SLOW..
Gonna miss you all,but in 2 weeks I have news........

zondag 24 oktober 2010

My godfather Bhanu and Princess Jua

A beautiful picture from Jorna"s hand(to bad now I can't let you see her).
On the left Bhanu(the older and wiser boy in the family)and my sis Jua.
Yesterday Jua and Jorna did a great job at the dogshow in Utrecht gained a 3th place.
Me and my pac had a walk in" de Soesterduinen"what a beautiful place,sand,woods and lots of furriends.

vrijdag 22 oktober 2010


So proud of the 3 girls in the picture from left to right:My beautiful sis Kumbi,my humanmom Martine and last but certainly not least "Queenmom Ijaba".
And sure I'm also very proud of Jorna she took the pic,hope she has time for me soon :))

maandag 18 oktober 2010

Weekend in the Vosges

Bright dog as I am,thought of the perfect birthdaygift for Ruud a weekend in the mountains......

Last friday we arrived before lunch at the hotel,and went for our first walk

Have to wait because Ruud had to read the map

Well ,I just follow my nose

Its really high here

had to use the breaks a lot

This is what I love through this kind of grass,jieha....

or leaves......

To bad Saturday it started to rain and later on it turned into snow you can see on my back

Marja stayed in the hotel because she caught some flew,lucky me Ruud is a tough Guy so we went together.
Later on it was totally white from the snow,to bad the pics are on his Iphone I'll show you later...

Best thing there is laying beside my boss,as you can see he was tired to he didn't throw me off:))

zondag 10 oktober 2010

Unbelievable but another Sunny Sunday

Today it was another Sunny day so we went to the Beach!!!!!!!

What a blue sky for Oktober.....these are the stairs to the beach of Westenschouwen

And this pic is for Robin to cheer her up :))

Well I went for the doggies!!!!!

and more doggies

And then we met Bram the dog of the parents of Rick(a friend of Nick)we liked eachother very much a real buddy.
So were gonna date more from now on,we live in the same village and never met before((:

No it's not Cookie but same size....




Look my boss is a bit crazy and this was before the beer!!!

Ruud and Marja were soooo proud of me,we met at least
30 dogs and with all I did fine.
A really social guy ,it's almost 1 year ago I were attacked by another R.R and needed operation.
So they were afraid because of this agression against me I would get agressive to,but non what so ever :))
Life is much too short"Let's make love not war" .......

We ended a perfect day with a beer ....

And Ruud told me how great I am,well I already knew :))

zondag 3 oktober 2010

Renessebeach with Cookie and Droppie

Wonderful weather,blue sky ,23 degrees ,beachtime......that splash is Me just a bit to excited .....

Yeah got all wet


Help Mom I'm seeing double!!!

Just brushed my hair looking cool right :))

A Mandala....

Cookie and Droppie arrived

With Marianne and Germain time for a winebreak :)))

My boss had a good day he even aloud me at the table,normally it's off limit

Cookie and Droppie are really spoiled girls....

We had a wonderful afternoon with beautiful friends,weather what more can you want....
Hope you all had a wonderful day to.

vrijdag 1 oktober 2010

A sunny 1st of October

Another "Doggieday" was such a beautiful sunny day we went to the woods twice!!!!!
And it wasn't even my birthday thats in exactly 2 months,Marja told me that it felt if I was with them for 20 years.....
Yeah there really very glad Martine and Martijn decided that I would be their Puppy.......
As you can see on the pics I was very tired after I played with Maxime (female Bordeauxdog) and Rocky(male Rottweiler) had to do a Siesta.