maandag 18 oktober 2010

Weekend in the Vosges

Bright dog as I am,thought of the perfect birthdaygift for Ruud a weekend in the mountains......

Last friday we arrived before lunch at the hotel,and went for our first walk

Have to wait because Ruud had to read the map

Well ,I just follow my nose

Its really high here

had to use the breaks a lot

This is what I love through this kind of grass,jieha....

or leaves......

To bad Saturday it started to rain and later on it turned into snow you can see on my back

Marja stayed in the hotel because she caught some flew,lucky me Ruud is a tough Guy so we went together.
Later on it was totally white from the snow,to bad the pics are on his Iphone I'll show you later...

Best thing there is laying beside my boss,as you can see he was tired to he didn't throw me off:))

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun Beaudor!! You don't look too happy with the rain and snow though :(

    Happy Birthday to your dad!!

    Please give mar get well hugs from me too and thank her for the kitty prayers :)


  2. What a wonderful birthday present. I also love running through tall grass like that. Hope your mom is feeling better!

  3. What a WONDERFUL birthday weekend for Ruud! I can see the happiness on your gorgeous Ridgie face...(you really are beautiful, dear Beaudor)! Those mountains look gorgeous....I love to be in high places - like you! and dashing through leaves or's what Ridgies adore! However, your expression as yo stand in the rain with snow (WOW - SNOW in OCtober?) on your back is priceless!

    Sorry your Mum was not feeling well... we all seem to have caught this nasty flu! Please give her a big hug okay?

    Love to all,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  4. Hai meid,

    De foto's zijn prachtig!!! Maar waardeloos dat je je niet lekker voelde!
    Ik dacht al toen ik je aan de telefoon had en je vertelde dat je de volgende dag weg ging, "dat is nooit over!"
    Hopelijk heb je er toch een beetje van kunnen genieten.
    Zag dat je gebeld had , maar toen was het al kooktijd dus dan stoor ik je niet.
    Bel je morgen!

    Veel liefs en beterschap ♥

  5. Hé B en Mar, dat ziet er mooi uit!!! Jammer dat je niet lekker was.
    Maar deze is vast voor herhaling vatbaar zo te zien???

    Liefs Ag en Joep


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