zondag 10 oktober 2010

Unbelievable but another Sunny Sunday

Today it was another Sunny day so we went to the Beach!!!!!!!

What a blue sky for Oktober.....these are the stairs to the beach of Westenschouwen

And this pic is for Robin to cheer her up :))

Well I went for the doggies!!!!!

and more doggies

And then we met Bram the dog of the parents of Rick(a friend of Nick)we liked eachother very much a real buddy.
So were gonna date more from now on,we live in the same village and never met before((:

No it's not Cookie but same size....




Look my boss is a bit crazy and this was before the beer!!!

Ruud and Marja were soooo proud of me,we met at least
30 dogs and with all I did fine.
A really social guy ,it's almost 1 year ago I were attacked by another R.R and needed operation.
So they were afraid because of this agression against me I would get agressive to,but non what so ever :))
Life is much too short"Let's make love not war" .......

We ended a perfect day with a beer ....

And Ruud told me how great I am,well I already knew :))

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh wat een mooie foto's weer!!
    Mr. Baywatch!!! Geef my Beau maar ipv die Knightrider hoor!
    Ah ...........en die laatste! wat is ie lief he!
    Ja Ruud ook hoor ;)

    Liefs Marianne

  2. This made me smile a lot!! I like the hunky guy for Robin!!! hahaha :D

    The Baywatch photo is my favorite...and the peekaboo one too!
    I'm glad the weather has been perfect for the beach.

    B, I didn't know you were attacked! I'm so glad you choose love, not war from the experience ;)

    A big wet one from me and give a big hug to mar! xoxo♥

  3. Ach, DU, schoene Beaudor.... was fur ein wunderbare Post! Und...danke (ha-ha) for MEINE BESONDERE photo!

    Ich liebe die photos....Ich liebe Dien susse Gesichte....Du bist SO "CUTE" wann Du spielst!
    (Still genau wie win Puppy!)

    Ich liebe Deiner grosse Herz..... to have been bitten and be able to forgive - and go out into the world - not fearing....Beaudor - you inspire me! I know you ca do this partly because of the wonderful,loving "Parents" you have - Marja und Rudd! The last phot of you and Rudd is gorgeous!!!

    Ok - Ich habe schon zu viel geschrieben!

    Hugs to all!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  4. Always a joy to read about your antics Beaudor...the beach looks lovely and you obviously had a great day.

  5. Hé lieve B en Mar,
    Wat een mooie foto's zeg!!! Zit ik met vrouwtje in een of andere hal in Zwolle. ( Alhoewel vrouwtje ook daar weer erg blij met me was)
    Dus vond vrouwtje me stijf vandaag en gingen we fietsen. Ik nog geprobeerd uit te leggen dat de wandeling van 2 uur met baas zaterdag door de kennemer duinen me nog in de poten zat maar ze zat al op de fiets. Heb ik net ook nog gehoord dat ik voorlopig even niet kan daten met je zus Jua. Want die is loops of zo iets?
    Zou wel eens een dagje mijn zin willen doen maar dat kan ik hier wel schudden. Dus wacht maar even met ruilen...... H5Joep

  6. oooooo Beautje, wat ben je toch een lekker ding :-)))Hele dikke knuffel! xxx Jør

  7. Lieve Beaudor,

    Wat ben je toch een heerlijke schat!!! Ik ben super trots op je dat je zo'n super lieve, sociale en stabiele volwassen vent bent geworden.

    Dikke knuffel,

    je mamma Ijaba

  8. My mom and dad would like yours. They also like the beer. I did not know about you being attacked by another RR! I guess there's always bad apples out there. I'm glad you're doing so well. Looks like a really fun beach! I love the sand. Hope you have more sunny adventures this weekend!


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