donderdag 29 april 2010

Spring in Holland with my friends

Was waiting at the frontdoor for my grandpa,he comes for coffee almost every morning.

He is late ....

This is my big friend grandpa he always brings my carnibest you know

Yeah we are real pals .....

Here is another friend of mine she's called Sousja well actually she's Nick's girlfriend but I also like to kiss her.

Here we are all 3 sitting on my couch like real friends

My George Clooney imitation .....

It's lunchtime think I'll do some siesta.see you all later.

dinsdag 27 april 2010

Mafinga-Puppies 6 1/2 week old

Tomorrow someone will be very happy and will hear which of these gorgeous boys
will be hers....
Only 1 night B. ;-)))

In the meanwhile Martijn is hugging them so they are in good hands.....
Beaudor never forgets, when he meets Martine & Martijn(the Mafingabreeders)he goes totally crazy.

maandag 19 april 2010


Last saturday we had a littereunion,all litters between 1 June 2008-1 June 2009 came together and were judged.

Got a warm kiss from my Mom Ijaba she saw I had a very difficult morning with 2 of my sisters in heat,pffffffff.
Could not eat all day afterwards.

Me and my boss,Martine with Chikumbi,Sas with Kuki,Jorna with Jua and Anneke with Chombi.

Mom Ijaba is watching us

Martine with my sister Chikumbi I'm so very proud of her see how she does it while she was very sick.They went to the vet afterwards and Kumbi has a stomachinfection poor Sissie.....

What a beauty is my Mom Ijaba it's not strange Ruud and Marja wanted a puppy from her .

She is Royalty......

Two Big Friends my boss and me.

This is mrs.Eshuis she judged us and we got the biggest compliment there is we are so SWEET and NICE to each other and that's what is most important with dogs like us Rhodesian Ridgebacks.......

It's not easy to stand in line for us we are very energetic "Crazy Mafinga's"
We missed our Dad Noldor and sis Changwena and Chigiya very much.

zondag 18 april 2010

Esra has passed her examen

When at 26 february 2008 we had to let our very special Max go over the rainbowbridge we didn't want another dog.
After 6 months of lots of tears and pain we missed having a dog so much and decided to start looking for a Rhodesian Ridgeback.
We were the luckiest people on earth when at the 1st of december our precious Prince Beaudor was born ,and thats why we wanted to make someone with a handicap just as happy.
So we adopted Esra she was first socialized and lived with a family,then after some months she went to school and was trained to help blind people.
Now we are very proud at her she has passed her examen and someone will be very happy just like we are every minute with our Beaudor.
Esra well done a big hug and lots of cookies from us,you are a Special Girl.

donderdag 15 april 2010


Had to pose in front of the cactus in France for HCM,didn't really feel like it .......

Then I heard The Boss calling we were going to the woods ,jieha.....

Still had to pose in the woods....but got COOKIES

I think I found where she hides the COOKIES

Got my Lamribs when we got home

Jammie....... but not when I drop them in the sand

And then did my all Frenchmen do.

zondag 11 april 2010

Visiting Cap d'Agde and Marseillan

We visited Marseillan where the famous Vermouth "Noilly Prat"comes from it has a fairykind of atmosphere.

Two friends enjoying themselfs ....

We found the perfect boat for us J&J... jansen&jansen

The Boss had to do some work at his Iphone,he likes to do business this way sitting in the sun and Me by his side

This poor fellow doesn't have my kind of live behind barrs poor thing

We saw this little house with a" Rich" the sign at the frontdoor
Marianne and her blogfriends understand it to, they even got a"Thankful Thursday" blog

Me and my family felt very thankful in this wonderful restaurant with lots of American guest who were crazy about me(as always hard not to love me)

From this delicious Bouillabaisse
which Marja got she gave Me some of it too yummie,and it wasn't even my birthday .....
What a day to be thankful for.......

donderdag 8 april 2010

The Mediterranee beach between Sete and Marseillan

It was 3 months ago that we went to France so first we had to do some work at the house.
Ruud worked hard in the garden,Marja in the house and I chased the cats out of our garden.
And after 2 days hard work we took a day of and went to the beach as you can see I loved it.......

The Mediterranee was still a bit to cold for my taste

Played the part of Baywatch

Checked out the fish

And took the bananas out of my ears and listenend very I got cookies.
Our other adventures follow later....