maandag 19 april 2010


Last saturday we had a littereunion,all litters between 1 June 2008-1 June 2009 came together and were judged.

Got a warm kiss from my Mom Ijaba she saw I had a very difficult morning with 2 of my sisters in heat,pffffffff.
Could not eat all day afterwards.

Me and my boss,Martine with Chikumbi,Sas with Kuki,Jorna with Jua and Anneke with Chombi.

Mom Ijaba is watching us

Martine with my sister Chikumbi I'm so very proud of her see how she does it while she was very sick.They went to the vet afterwards and Kumbi has a stomachinfection poor Sissie.....

What a beauty is my Mom Ijaba it's not strange Ruud and Marja wanted a puppy from her .

She is Royalty......

Two Big Friends my boss and me.

This is mrs.Eshuis she judged us and we got the biggest compliment there is we are so SWEET and NICE to each other and that's what is most important with dogs like us Rhodesian Ridgebacks.......

It's not easy to stand in line for us we are very energetic "Crazy Mafinga's"
We missed our Dad Noldor and sis Changwena and Chigiya very much.

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  1. Nou Beautje, je hebt het keurig gedaan! Viel echt niet mee met die 2 heerlijk-ruikende zusjes ;-). 't Is toch een prachtig stel zo bij elkaar, geweldig!!! En stuk voor stuk moppies! Oh ja, mocht je toevallig foto's hebben van Jua, zou je die dan op willen sturen? De reserve-fotograaf stond tenslotte in de ring met queen mum Ijaba hahaha! Vond het wel erg jammer zo halsoverkop weg te moeten, had graag relaxed nog wat gebleven en rondgekeken. Nou ja, het was niet anders, gelukkig is Kumbi nu weer goed opgeknapt.
    Dikke kus Jør

  2. Wat glimmen onze RR toch mooi in het zonnetje! Je bent een knappe kerel hoor Beau! En de baas heeft natuurlijk ook heel erg z'n best gedaan! Hoorde van je vrouwtje dat je vandaag weer lekker mocht rellen in het bos! Dat mag ook wel als je zo je best gedaan hebt!

    XX Ag en Joep

  3. What a great time with your family Beaudor! Your MOm is a beauty for her dark ears and muzzle. I don't blame your humans for wanting a puppy from her and they got a winner in you. Also, congrats to Esra!

    Also, I wasn't in Holland but that sure would be fun....couldn't tell from the picture though huh! There is a place near where I live that grows lots of tulips and every year they have a big Tulip Festival. It was very pretty but I am sure the ones in Holland are even more impressive. :)


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  5. you all look so proud and handsome and i love all your names. as i grew up in south africa, which is rhodesia's (zimbabwe) neighbour, i can feel your africannness going through your veins beaudor just like mine does.


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