dinsdag 6 april 2010

Sister Chikumbi is playing babysit

Back from France where we had a wonderful week,pictures follow later.
This week Beaudor's sister Chikumbi helped her Mother Ijaba with the puppies isn't this supersweet?

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat lief!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wat zijn ze al weer gegroeid!!!!


  2. Denk zal meteen effe kijken of jullie het lekker hebben gehad.
    Geduld... Joep had morgen een date met Jua maar het kind is loops..
    Dus gaan we lekker met Bhanu en Joep naar strand.
    Hoe is het met de teken in France? Wij vertrekken 29 apr.
    Dike xx welkom thuis

  3. Aren't sisters the greatest? Mom said it would be great if we could play someday. She keeps saying we need to take a vacation. She's never been to France and I've never been on a plane. It would be cool to meet up one day.

    About the bananas in my ears...do you mean not listening sometimes or having my ears stick out sometimes? But, it's probably yes to both. I think it's a HUGE compliment that your mom thinks I look like you. I think you are very handsome, with your shiny coat and muscle definition. Mom was wondering if we could get more information on your raw diet. Right now I eat Orijen (dry) and Addiction (dehydrated). It's supposed to be as close to raw as you can get, but in a more convenient form. Sometimes mom gives me raw marrow bones as a treat. Talk to you later...


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