zondag 25 juli 2010

Summercoursing RRCN 2010

Today we went to lure-coursing in Rotterdam organized by RRCN.
Nick put all his money on his dog Beaudor.......

Ready,steady..... GO

And he went fast as lightening


But our BoyBeaudor is just to bright he took the shortcut haha,we had the time of our life such a great experience thanks RRCN.

vrijdag 23 juli 2010

The happy ending of the Falcons

Two of the 5 little ones crying for dinner,the wings already well developed.

Mom falcon.....

and Dad,they worked their socks of we never had a litter of 5 before.

Touch down......

Still a bit scared to fly of by the way when they left the nest some of them came back to spend the night,Falcon Inn.....

And the last little one who was afread to fly,is off.
Thanks to Ruud who sat for hours with the camera while I was in the Pool for the lovely pics.
And I'm so proud of our Beaudor it was so against his nature to leave the babies alone.
For threat we go coursing with him on Sunday,Good Boy .
When we left for Holland at 6 in the morning one of the falcons flew along for a bit.....it was Special!

maandag 19 juli 2010

Our weeks in France

Waiting for my date to come,my niece Vizara Nyambi called Kenya.

The weather was very hot and her heat just ended.....
Ruud already told me we men must leave the gilrs alone then,but you know I'm a healthy guy.

But no way Jose she wouldn't play with me

She even bite my ear auw...that hurts and jumped away.
But our next visit to France my Mom and Sissie Kumbi will come to play jieha ooh I forgot to tell you my litlle halfbrother Dhuru comes to we wil make the baker run for his life hihi.

Ruud had to do some business,yeah he can't be missed,but after 18 holes with five PAR's and a glass Rose......

In the morning 7 o clock it was my turn,and this is my huntingterrority

Can I go please,Ruud.

And action ....what is that in the tree same color as me with a curling tail,wow it jumps from tree to tree

Me and my biggest friend Ruud,although sometimes when I don't listen.

Our orangeboys came in the final we are proud fans.

Do you see the gap in my ear souvenir from my date.
But I still love her and her lovely Mom.

We can't wait to go back even when it's very nice weather in Holland and I can hug my friend Nick
He made us very proud he got his degree of law ......
Jippie go Nick

maandag 12 juli 2010


In our home in France for 8 years now we have this........
What a beautiful gift,but also heartbreaking like nature is sometimes.
This year whe have 5 litlleones from which 4 of them can fly but come back to the nest.
Unfortunately one of them can't fly yet and this afternoon fell out,luckily Beaudor listened GOOD DOG and let him or her go.
Ruud put it back but ...
Help what can we do????

donderdag 8 juli 2010

Beaudor's date with cousin Kenya from Nimes

Hi to you all it took me 30 min.to put this picture on,well being here is to great..........but the internet pffffff.
Show you all more pictures when were in Holland and maybe are Worldchampion soccer....
Beaudor,s cousin Kenya and her owner Marine visited us to bad it wasn't a great succes......
She didn't want to play and that is what Beaudor loves best being a Mafinga ;-)))

zondag 4 juli 2010

Dear Marianne Happy Birthday

Today it's the birthday of my greatest friend Marianne ,without her there wouldn't be a blog for me and I would never had met all of you love her to bits.....
It's also the 4th of July so to all my American friends have a very nice day and sorry when you are missing me in the post.
The internet is the only thing what doesn't work very well in France,have to talk to the maire for ADSL.
Big hug for all my friends all over the World let's make PEACE.

vrijdag 2 juli 2010

Holland-Brazil 2-1 jump for joy

Did you ever saw a dog getting crazy over soccer.....
Ruud and Marja got the whole frenchvillage crazy with all the orangethings around the house.
Even I have to wear a bandana what do you think Orange suits me wright?

donderdag 1 juli 2010

La douce France

Just want to say Hallo ,it's very African weather so I'm not really into pictures.......
If you think in Holland it's hot come over here ;-))
We love when it's hot only have to wake up at 6 for taking our walks.
Cross your fingers tomorrow for our Orangeboys,I'm going to wear my orangebandana .
Our Frenchneighbours are all for Holland especially ROBBEN....