maandag 27 september 2010

Sunny weekend with lots or furriends

We went to the Drunense Duinen it was a sunny day what more can a doggie wish for

And footloose.....

Even got my feet wet....

But my but in the sand no-way :))

On the lookout for furriends....

No one in sight this is my uglyface.....

What is that I see there?

Jieha ..... furriend.....

Come on...

And another one....

Iekkkk, what is that for a furriend

It's really getting autumn,but with a sunny weekend like last one
Too bad today it rained all day..

But no one can take last saturday away,we had FUN!!!!

zaterdag 25 september 2010

Adventures from last week

Got a gift from Bangkok a Scooby Doo,Nick gave me that "Nickname"because of my ears.....

What do you think:))) well it doesn't mattter Marja thinks I'm the most beautiful anyway.....

Me at my relaxcationspot under the Chinese guard,Boedha and the orchids from Marianne
This is my new blanket also from Bangkok well at least she brought some gifts but I rather have her at home,was so tired here had to follow her all day so she wouldn't go away again....

Mondaynight we went to the dogschool for our Agilitytraining ,I love it to work together with my Boss Ruud.

Teamwork jieha!!!!

This so stupid ....but later on there are going to be more of them at least I hope,this is for Dummies.....

Here is my horseact,running towards a lovely lady(Nicole the teacher) is my specialty :))))

With her along I even lost my fear of hight,macho me!!!!!
For now I say goodbye come back to you all later ,were heading for the woods jieha........

zondag 19 september 2010

Marja back from Bangkok

Marianne and Marja in the train on their way to Schipholairport already having great fun
Had a coffee before taking off at Schipholairport,the tables were a bit to high for Marianne
Well size doesn't matter her hart is BIG........

On the weekendmarket in Bangkok they sell almost everything.......poor doggies......

There are Ridgebacks in Thailand to there called Thai Ridgeback,while marja was missing me she had to cuddle them all......

Lucky me,they didn't had my size ;)))

Feeling really glad that Marja went with her most dear friend Marianne
to Bangkok but also very glad she's back.
Ruud and I picked her up at Schipholairport yesterdaymorning jumped like a fool was so terribly Happy to see her again, all the people laughed and caressed me but I had only had eyes for her.
Had a busy day had to keep a eye on her allday long,making sure she doesn't go away again even though if it's with sweety Marianne just miss her to much.
Marja told me today she has a surprise for Ruud and Me were going for a doggyhike weekend soon,jippie.

vrijdag 10 september 2010

The making of.......

For me it's unbelievable that Vic
The artist can make this just from a photo,and that Marianne
had let it made for me this is something I will never forget.
That's what Marja told Me yesterday so I wanted to share that with all my bloggiefriends.Feeling a bit nervous today smell something's going on.
Can't get my paw on it right now tell you later what it was.
Have a lovely weekend,

woensdag 8 september 2010

Feeling like a filmstar,they made a drawing of Me.

Yesterday my dearest friend Marianne(well she's Marja's a bit" some 45 years" longer)
came for a visit,can't help myself have to jump allover her,yeah it's "True Love".. on the pic you see also my granddad who's doing much better,well back to Marianne she brought together with Germain a GIFT as you can see Marja LOVED ......when I looked at it I understood it was Me!!!!!!
Me and my pack want to thank the artist she really did a "wonderful" job,it really is Me.
On my next blog I'll show you all how it was made,and the site from this gifted artist think you want one from your doggies too ;)))

maandag 6 september 2010

Back in cold Holland

My biggest friend Nick who became Master of Law on the same day Marja had her 50th birthday,he's simply the best.

The night after we drove back to France where we enjoyed the best week ,in the morning cold so we could make our morningwalk.

In the afternoon nice and warm clear blue skies,wonderful......

After my siesta did some yoga.....

And my treat from the butcher great guy that is gives Marja a bone everytime she visits just for me

After a great week we had to say goodbye for now,but we will go back ,because we got to harvest our Pommes Grenadier

and the"Picholine olives"