zaterdag 25 september 2010

Adventures from last week

Got a gift from Bangkok a Scooby Doo,Nick gave me that "Nickname"because of my ears.....

What do you think:))) well it doesn't mattter Marja thinks I'm the most beautiful anyway.....

Me at my relaxcationspot under the Chinese guard,Boedha and the orchids from Marianne
This is my new blanket also from Bangkok well at least she brought some gifts but I rather have her at home,was so tired here had to follow her all day so she wouldn't go away again....

Mondaynight we went to the dogschool for our Agilitytraining ,I love it to work together with my Boss Ruud.

Teamwork jieha!!!!

This so stupid ....but later on there are going to be more of them at least I hope,this is for Dummies.....

Here is my horseact,running towards a lovely lady(Nicole the teacher) is my specialty :))))

With her along I even lost my fear of hight,macho me!!!!!
For now I say goodbye come back to you all later ,were heading for the woods jieha........

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  1. Oh, handsome Beaudor! I always look forward to one of your posts! Not only are you gorgeous, but you write so well!

    Lovely gifts from Bangkok....see..your Mum WAS thinking about you! (And your Tante Marianne too!) Ahem, I must say that Nik was a bit right....there is a TEENY resemblance between your ears and Scooby-Do's..... but - you are MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL. (You do look cute together.)

    Love seeing you and Ruud at "school" together....what a good Dad! (And goodlooking too.....ha-ha!)

    Tell your Mum, Marja, I can't wait see those photos of you in the Autumn Woods....

    Big hugs to you and your Mum,


    ♥ Robin ♥

  2. What a nice blankie! I am going back to school, also, next month. Mom's got me in an intermediate class, then we do advanced to get ready for the Canine Good Citizen test. I haven't done agility yet, but mom really want me to try lure coursing soon. Have fun in the woods!

  3. beaudor, in my next life I want to come back as one of Marja's or Marianne's pets!!

    You are so (deservedly) spoiled!!

    And good for you for overcoming your fears. When I do that means I'll come to Holland ;)

    Auntie (Tante) Lolo♥

  4. Hello family members:

    my first visit to you is filled with wonderful travels and one scobbydoo.
    You are both very beautiful. And I'll bet you put you head on marja's lap and she melts.

    And what an extra treat to see Marianne and her adventures with her two friends


  5. Gave foto´s!
    Leuke post hoor!
    En natuurlijk is ie niet bang, het is Beaudor!
    Mijn held!

    Liefs Marianne

  6. Wat is het toch een lekker ventje. Die kop met die scooby doo. Hij weet het gewoon! En héél stoer hoor die circus kunsten. Dat doet hij dan toch allemaal mooi!

    Dikke x


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