maandag 27 september 2010

Sunny weekend with lots or furriends

We went to the Drunense Duinen it was a sunny day what more can a doggie wish for

And footloose.....

Even got my feet wet....

But my but in the sand no-way :))

On the lookout for furriends....

No one in sight this is my uglyface.....

What is that I see there?

Jieha ..... furriend.....

Come on...

And another one....

Iekkkk, what is that for a furriend

It's really getting autumn,but with a sunny weekend like last one
Too bad today it rained all day..

But no one can take last saturday away,we had FUN!!!!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Ach, Lieber Beaudor...Du schoene Hund!!!!!!

    Dein "Mutti", Marja takes the most wonderful photos! I adore the ones where you are running - ears zooming back, eyes alight with glee! (Oh, and that "ugly face" too funny! I have not seen it before - and it is wonderful too!)

    I can see what a grand time you had with your Furriends..... and....remember it will NOT rain all the time...the sun will shine and you will be out in the Forest playing again!

    Tell your "Mum" that Robin sends hugs and kisses to all!

    Liebe Grusse,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  2. beaudor, I love your black and white friend!! Very pretty ;)

    I have not seen that ugly face before! I still love you but try not to show it too much :P

    One day I'll be on the beach with you and Mar. One day....

    love and hugs and a big wet one!!


  3. What beautiful sandy beaches. They look wonderful for playing!

  4. Meid wat is het mooi daar!!
    We zijn wel eens in de Beekse Bergen geweest met de kids vlakbij maar toch niet hetzelfde....
    Heb daar onder een bloeiende eik gelegen en aan het einde van de dag was ik helemaal ziek.....
    Wat is die zwart witte hond mooi!!!
    En Beau met zijn ugly face! Nou zo wil ik hem niet graag tegenkomen...... ;(
    Wat een mooie dag !

    Hachi is on his way!

    Liefs Marianne

  5. @Lolo,we want you to come this spring,we know you can do it,just listen to Obama:Yes we can!

    @Remi,this is a wood with beaches there 's no sea it's in the south of Holland.
    A very special place so beautiful!


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