woensdag 8 september 2010

Feeling like a filmstar,they made a drawing of Me.

Yesterday my dearest friend Marianne(well she's Marja's a bit" some 45 years" longer)
came for a visit,can't help myself have to jump allover her,yeah it's "True Love".. on the pic you see also my granddad who's doing much better,well back to Marianne she brought together with Germain a GIFT as you can see Marja LOVED ......when I looked at it I understood it was Me!!!!!!
Me and my pack want to thank the artist she really did a "wonderful" job,it really is Me.
On my next blog I'll show you all how it was made,and the site from this gifted artist think you want one from your doggies too ;)))

5 opmerkingen:

  1. So pleased you like it Marja...Beaudor really is stunning dog, and he was a joy to draw.

  2. I couldn't wait for you to see it, Mister B!!!

    The artist did a great job and Marianne was so sweet and thoughtful (like always) to do this :)

    Happy Birthday again Marja!!! ♥

    xoxo Lolo

  3. What a great gift and such a great likeness of you! Mom would love something like that and her birthday is next week. Hmmm...

  4. Marja! What a fabulous likeness of the "one and only" GORGEOUS BEAUDOR! I just saw the website where the artist (who is it?) posted that ADORABLE FACE! It is a perfect image....

    Love the photos...so happy your Father is doing well...

    Liebe Grusse - and kiss the "Movie Star" for me! Oooh...I saw "Remi's Comment".... here comes trouble! Ha Ha!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. You see sometimes it is nice when someone takes pictures ;)

    Die laatste is echt leuk! Wat staat ie er mooi op!

    Ik heb het kinderfeestje overleefd ;-P

    Ik hoop gewoon dat je er blij mee bent lieverd! Ik heb al maanden plezier van het idee gehad.

    Liefs Marianne


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