zondag 19 september 2010

Marja back from Bangkok

Marianne and Marja in the train on their way to Schipholairport already having great fun
Had a coffee before taking off at Schipholairport,the tables were a bit to high for Marianne
Well size doesn't matter her hart is BIG........

On the weekendmarket in Bangkok they sell almost everything.......poor doggies......

There are Ridgebacks in Thailand to there called Thai Ridgeback,while marja was missing me she had to cuddle them all......

Lucky me,they didn't had my size ;)))

Feeling really glad that Marja went with her most dear friend Marianne
to Bangkok but also very glad she's back.
Ruud and I picked her up at Schipholairport yesterdaymorning jumped like a fool was so terribly Happy to see her again, all the people laughed and caressed me but I had only had eyes for her.
Had a busy day had to keep a eye on her allday long,making sure she doesn't go away again even though if it's with sweety Marianne just miss her to much.
Marja told me today she has a surprise for Ruud and Me were going for a doggyhike weekend soon,jippie.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. hahahahaha! Look how small M looks in the booth!
    I don't like seeing those dogs in cages either Beaudor :(
    Let's hope they find wonderful homes and mamas like yours ;)


  2. Ach, Lieber Beaudor.... I KNOW how much you missed your Mum.... and believe me, she missed you too. (How could she not?) There may be many Ridgies in the world....but there is ONLY one Beaudor! (And aren't you glad she didn't find one of those doggy t's in your size!

    Please tell Marja her photos are wonderful....although the one of the doggies in the cage made me very sad.... I agree with Tante Lolo, I hope they ALL found loving Mums and Dads.

    Enjoy your wonderful hike now that your Marja is back!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. Leuke foto's!!
    Ik heb die van mij gisteren uitgezocht en zal ze op het internet zetten.
    Straks tennissen. Afsluiting van de compititie.

    Meid geniet lekker met die mooie jongen!


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