maandag 31 mei 2010

Back and gone

I'm so glad Ruud and Marja are back from Edinburgh,it's not that I hadn't a great time with Nick....
But we Rhodesian Ridgeback love to have our pack together.
Ruud missed me to I was even allowed at the table for the first time hihi.

But this morning I'm sad again,Nick just left with Sousja to this dreamvillage of ours.
Marja has tears in her eyes,lucky for her I stayed at home otherwise she would be so alone.

A proud Mom with her Son .....
But litlle boys get big and unfold their wings......

Hope the 2 lovebirds have this kind of sunset at the terrace in France.
On this picture the electricitie spoil the view,but we have news they will be put underground within 4 weeks,at least that is what they say now.
Knowing the french it will take a litlle bit longer.
Going to give Marja a kiss now I think that will help her missing Nick....

dinsdag 25 mei 2010

A sunny weekend

It was real Rhodesian Ridgebackweather,so I did my siesta in the garden

Then Nick came and I lost my bed......

Our bridge in front of the house

Beautiful don't you think?

Today we went to the woods,it's a bit colder so time for a run between the buttercups...

Me doing my Skippy act...

My friend Nick is going to babysit me while Ruud and Marja go to Edinburgh for business this Friday
until Sunday jippie.
As you can see we are real Friends.

maandag 24 mei 2010

Sister Chikumbi Dutch Youthchampion

My sister Chikumbi was at the International dogshow in Arnhem she won her last point and became Dutch Youthchampion!!!!!
My sister Jua did a great job as well she will be next,I'm so proud of my girls real Girlpower.
We have some other news this "Lucky fellow Dhunduru"stays with my Mom Ijaba and Sis Kumbi.
Doesn't he look stunning almost as goodlooking as Me .......

woensdag 19 mei 2010

Date in the Dunes of Zandvoort

Yesterday I had a date ,jieha

With these 2 beautiful Ridgies left you see my sister Princess Jua and on the right her Bhanu

Me wanting to give my sister Jua a kiss..a boy can try wright

Jorna and Marja wanted to make a picture of us in a row but Bhanu had other idees....

Only Jorna can make me more beautiful then I am on a picture

Oeps foutje.....

We Ridgies can play......

Oef is that my sis the princess,look those teeth dangerous

Jorna thanks for the beautiful shots and the walk we had the time of our life.
So wonderful to watch the doggies having such fun.

maandag 17 mei 2010

a tractor loaded with !!!!!!!

When I heard a tractor I waked up from my was my boss

Man he had a lot of vines with him,they are so fun to play with!!!!
He barbecues with them but I had other idees....

How do I get them of????
Where is the button to unload....

Pfffff I was lucky Ruud found the botton and now playtime........

dinsdag 11 mei 2010

Discovering the wonderful nature in France

Luckily the weather is better,we had some days that it was very bad.

We have walked some miles these days and discovered some beautiful spots nearby

A private pool and waterfall just for me

The roses for Mothersday for the Mom of Ruud and Marja and my dear mother Ijaba

We are very happy in our small village could get used to it easy.
Bonne Nuit,good night,trusten.....

vrijdag 7 mei 2010

Global warming????

After almost 10 hours of driving we arrived in France,Marja went to our butcher and got a present for Me.
A juicy lambheal ,mmmmmmmmm.

Had to check out the grounds,as you can see Ruud has to do some work.
There has been a lot of rain so the grass has grown.....

For the south of france it's very cold since 40 years it was not so cold,for hiking it''s great already discovered some beautiful places with Ruud.

But it,s a good year for "The roses"

Bye for now or A Bientot....