dinsdag 11 mei 2010

Discovering the wonderful nature in France

Luckily the weather is better,we had some days that it was very bad.

We have walked some miles these days and discovered some beautiful spots nearby

A private pool and waterfall just for me

The roses for Mothersday for the Mom of Ruud and Marja and my dear mother Ijaba

We are very happy in our small village could get used to it easy.
Bonne Nuit,good night,trusten.....

4 opmerkingen:

  1. beaudor, I could get used to it too! It's so beautiful there.

    I heard the volcanic ash is now over France. Perhaps that's why you're having grey days?

    Do you miss Marianne? I do!

    Big hugs to you and mom! (((♥)))

  2. Glad the weather is getting better...what a fun watering hole you found too!


  3. Wat ziet het er toch allemaal heerlijk uit daar!
    Ik zou er ook willen blijven als ik jullie was!

    Ik mis Beautje wel hoor, jou ook!


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