maandag 12 juli 2010


In our home in France for 8 years now we have this........
What a beautiful gift,but also heartbreaking like nature is sometimes.
This year whe have 5 litlleones from which 4 of them can fly but come back to the nest.
Unfortunately one of them can't fly yet and this afternoon fell out,luckily Beaudor listened GOOD DOG and let him or her go.
Ruud put it back but ...
Help what can we do????

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  1. De Mikke
    Koudekerkseweg 131A
    4335 SL Middelburg
    T: 0118 - 628 288

    Meid bel of mail het vogelasiel voor advies!
    Zij weten het het best!

    Liefs Marianne

  2. Oh, poor little one :(

    Here we have wildlife people who give us advice, but mostly the mothers don't like to smell humans on their babies.

    If you have to touch a wild baby again, they say to rub some raw grass on your hands and then on the baby so they smell more like grass.

    Does that make sense?

    I'm also sorry about the soccer game :(


    That's a beautiful picture marja!

  3. What a beautiful falconfamily. We love falcons, because of their crying in the winds. It sounds like endless freedom in beautiful wild nature. A treasure we all have to protect, because it is root for every life on earth. Thank you for this great image. Enjoy this great spectacle!
    Sunny greetings from Changwena & Denis and kisses for you all!

  4. Hi Marja,

    Bedankt voor je lieve gastenboek berichtje. Moeten de website gauw eens even updaten... Maar dat schiet er een beetje bij in nu:-) Met de baby gaat alles so far so good. Volgende week al op de helft en mijn buik groeit aardig (zo leuk!!!). Gaan jullie naar coursing de 25ste?

    Knuffels thuis!


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