donderdag 15 april 2010


Had to pose in front of the cactus in France for HCM,didn't really feel like it .......

Then I heard The Boss calling we were going to the woods ,jieha.....

Still had to pose in the woods....but got COOKIES

I think I found where she hides the COOKIES

Got my Lamribs when we got home

Jammie....... but not when I drop them in the sand

And then did my all Frenchmen do.

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  1. And a fine Frenchman you are Beaudor! Maybe posing is in our Ridgeback blood because we all seem to be very good at it. I guess when you're as cute as we are you get used to posing. ;) Funny that you found the cookie spot...I always try to nibble at my Mom's pocket to get the treats but she tells me to "leave it". One time she wasn't paying attention and I bit the treats into tiny crumbs while in her pocket....hehehe! She was not too pleased with me.


  2. Wat een lekker ding is het toch! Ben benieuwd wat Joep van onze trip gaat vinden. Hij is al eens in Normandiƫ geweest en dat ging heel goed.
    Volgens mij is alles wel ok als we maar met z'n allen zijn! Maare als Joep moet poseren en hij heeft erg geen trek in trekt hij echt niet zo'n knappe kop als B hoor. Liefst doet hij dan z'n oren op 1/2 11 en trekt echt een zuur gezicht! Zie je morgen op de NKD


  3. Wow, look how high you jump when you get excited!!

    Oh, so you found the cookies in the sweater, smart boy :)

    it's always so good to see you! xo♥

  4. Looks like such a wonderful day. What pretty yellow flowers. I close my eyes like that sometimes when I snooze with my head up. Mom says I'm meditating.


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