woensdag 24 maart 2010


It's spring so I'm catching some sun

And posing for the picture my eyes are a bit tired,whe just got back from the woods the mud is on my nails still.

Now I have to do my siesta before the sun is gone.
By the way on my tong is no mud it's a birthmark from my Mommy Dearest

The sun is gone so I finish my siesta inside........

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  1. Beaudor, you are the most handsome boy I know!Your Mom takes wonderful photos of you ;)

    I hope you enjoyed your siesta!


  2. Ohhhhhh!!!! Wat een geweldige foto's!!!!!!!!Wat kan die jongen je toch inpakken he met zijn hoofd schuin!
    Ik heb vandaag ook hetzelfde pakket van Lolo gekregen!!!!!
    Leuk he!
    Vanmorgen getennist tussen de middeag mijn hortensia's gesnoeid . Gisteren de appelbomen en de struiken, dus morgen de rest van het onkruid weghalen!
    Wanneer vertrek je?????

    Liefs Marianne

  3. Springtime looks lovely where you live. Maybe someday we can visit you! How do you get your coat so shiny? Mom gives me fish oil every day and brushes me every day with a hound glove, but my coat doesn't look like yours. Also, thanks for the ear advice. My ears are usually normal. But mom says, when I get 'obnoxious,' I have one ear that kindof sticks up.

  4. Hi Beaudor, looks like the perfect snooze! I like your birthmark too...very unique!


  5. By the way, what was the ear advice you gave Remi? I have a silly ear sometimes and Mom and Dad have tried a few things but I am curious what you think. :)


  6. Hé Mar,

    Wat een geweldig knappe kerel is het toch!
    Dan is Joep nog echt een jochie!

    Weet niet of je al weg ben maar geniet er van!

    xx Agnes en Joeperdepoep

  7. Beaudor took the best from Noldor! Magnificent head and expression!!! Noldor and Ijaba produced really beautiful babies :) We are very proud of our 1st son - heir apparent ;)

    Love and many kisses,
    Jana, Alex and daddy Noldor


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