dinsdag 3 augustus 2010

Mafingafamily visits the Roseraie

Me and my sweetest Mommy Ijabahttp://mafinga.com .

The baker comes every day at our house,he's my friend now but at first he was afraid of me,and now there were 4 of us,wow that made him brrrrr.

The mafingafamily was welcomed with bubbles offcourse.......Roseraiepolicy.

Me,My Mom Ijaba and sissy Kumbi took care of Ruud so he wouldn't drown , by the way my halfbrother Dhuru did swim too later on.

At night we were soooooooooo tired the little one in front is the baby Dhuru(5 months now)
It was very nice to have them all,I can't wait for a brother next year.
Because I was so very gentle with Dhuru who is a male to, Ruud and Marja are sure there comes another one to play with me ,Jieha can't wait.......

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  1. Jeetje wat een paradijs zo met al die hondjes!
    Leuk dat het ook zo goed ging!
    Ben benieuwd volgend jaar....................

    geniet lekker nu straks weer je handen vol!

    Liefs Marianne

  2. Is that your house Marja??? W-O-W!!!!
    What a magnificent view!

    Very beautiful dogs too. The baker must have been shaking in his boots to see 4!!


  3. Oooo!!! Are you getting a baby brother next year!?! Mom says I have to wait a little longer...until we move to a place with more play room. Bummer! But great for you!! How exciting!!!!!

  4. Beaudor, what a great time you have been having! I just caught up with all your adventures. I laughed a little about the baker being scared of you, but really I am glad he isn't anymore. ;) I scared the mailman once because I bark deeply when someone rings the doorbell, but then I proceed to wag my tail and be happy when Mom opens the door. :) That was nice of your friend Asani to come over to my blog with words of advice. That made Mom feel better. I also must tell you that I get a bit jealous of you getting to play with so many Ridgebacks all the time...how I wish I wlived closer to you. :) Great job opn the lure coursing too...I bet you are super fast!


  5. Hé B,

    Jij hebt het toch maar lekker daar en dan komt er ook nog zoveel familie op visite?! En zie ik daar allebei m'n lieve juffen en die gekke Martijn op het terras zitten? Wat gezellie! Lol dat je kleine 1/2 broer in het zwembad is gevallen!
    Hier thuis mag ik niet in het zwembad ))-;
    Ben net weer terug uit France. Heb het heerlijk gehad daar. Geweldige slager daar. Kreeg ik mega botten van!

    Groetjes en een hy5 Joeperdepoep

  6. Was super gezellig! En wat hebben jullie het prachtig daar! Ben helemaal verliefd op de binnenplaats ;-))). Nogmaals bedankt voor de heerlijke dagen!
    dikke xxxxx Jørna
    lebbers Bhanu & Jua

  7. Ooow krijg je er een broertje bij volgend jaar??
    Wat gaaaaaf zeg!!!
    Het ziet er heel gezellig uit op de foto's:-)
    Je bent een heel mooi mannetje geworden Beaudor!!
    Dikke knuffel voor jou en lieve groetjes voor je mensjes;-)

    Mireille en de 5 doggie's

  8. How beautiful! Your house - and your "doggies'..... I cannot convey how much I adore this breed.....they are so gorgeous.....and, of course, Beaudor is "Der Konig"!!!

    Stay in touch!


    ♥ Robin ♥


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