woensdag 24 februari 2010

Back from The Vet Dr. Jaap

This little rebel is grown into a very relaxed,social,sweet,friendly and easygoing Male we are so very proud of him.
We went to the vet this morning for his annual checkup and vaccins,he was so relaxed gave the Dr. a big kiss.
This second foto he is kissing his Mom Ijaba she teached him how to be a lovely Boy.

When we tookover we trained and socialized a lot with him and it's so nice to see the results.
We got a big compliment from the Dr.because he asked if we want to use him as Studdog.
He said that he never seen such a lovely character and beautiful Ridgeback before,and with such dogs must be made Puppies.

Yes it's always nice to get compliments,but I already knew how LOVELY he is.

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  1. He reminds me of when I was a new veterinary technician in 1974, the first time I drew blood from a dog it was for a breeder of RR's. Each dog held their arm out for me to draw blood like they knew what I was going to do!
    They were so gentle and cooperative. Good breeding and socialization makes such a difference ;)

    It's nice that Beaudor had kisses for the vet!

  2. Ahhh Beaudor, doesn't it feel GREAT to make our humans proud! You clearly are a MAGNIFICENT boy!


  3. Oh wat geweldig!!!!!!
    Wat fijn om die dingen van een dierenarts te horen!
    Beau is een fabtastische hond! Dankzij zijn genen, het warme nest bij Martine, maar ook omdat jij al dat goede werk goed hebt doorgezet!
    Complimenten aan iedereen!
    Kus voor Beautje!

  4. Dearest Marja,

    I don't have an email address for you so I find you here :)

    I got the beautiful package from you and M!! I am speechless! I'm going to do a post about them on Thursday but I wanted to come over and tell you how touched I am to be thought of in such a nice way.
    And that card!! I just watched the video at M's blog. Wow!! I held my card and followed along. What a wonderful treat!

    Thank you so much. No wonder M and you are friends. You're 2 peas in a pod ;)

    Be well. Big hugs to you and Beaudor!!

  5. wat n fantastiese hond. en ek is lief vir sy bruin kleur. liefs van london. xxx


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