maandag 1 februari 2010

Nice walk at the Beach

Are there any doggies to play????

Looking out for Playmates......

Yeah,found do I get her out of the Sea....

Asking gently.......

Yep, it workes she coming with me(she is" Zen" a 10 month old livernose Ridgeback from Scheveningen)
And she was fun to play with,can't help myself but R.R are absolutely my favourites.
Although I love to play with little fury whites ,I adour Labradors...

This girl was fast like I,we played gone with the Wind.

After a nice walk at the beach,this is my favourite place to drink and eat it's called VIEW in Rockanje.
But I don't come for the view I prefer the fireplace that's what we Ridgeback's love..........

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Ooooo... I love the sand. Wish I could have been there with you to play on the beach. There's not many Ridgebacks around here. Mom is wondering how much you eat. She thinks that I look too skinny and, since I just turned 6 months, is increasing my food to 5 cups a day. What do you think?

  2. Jij komt ze steeds maar tegen!!!
    Koekie is vriendjes geworden met een beauceron Joop! Er is voor Koekie nog hoop, Droppie blijft hysterisch.........
    Had een drukke dag vandaag, Aulikki Harolds, FOKA (helaas hij moet opgestuurd worden dus we moeten het met de jouwe doen) de Toko en mijn moeder.
    Even achter de pc en zo achter de tv.
    Vandaag op dieet gegaan. Ben benieuwd.........

    Liefs Marianne

  3. Oh, I agree about the fireplace and I also know exactly what it's like to look out for playmates. I strike that pose quite often myself. :) I can't believe that RR girl was in the ocean...brave. I am not a water girl myself and the ocean waves are a bit scary to me. :)



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