zondag 21 februari 2010

Rehearsal for the Progenyday

Today we had ringtaining at Kynoconnect the dogschool from Martine(beaudor's breeder),because 17 April we have progenyday with the C-litter.
Present were Chikumbi Kuki,Jua,Chombi all girls and Beaudor.
Jorna was playing the rol of the Judge a bit difficult for Beaudor,because he always want to kiss her.

And from Martine he can't take his eyes of her quit normal his first 8 weeks of his life she loved him to bits and still.....

After the rehearsal the funpart racing in the dunes with from left to right:Jorna,Martijn,Ruud(my hubby)and Martine the doggies,Jua,Chikumbi and Jumpy Beaudor.

He is getting a real Boy now even dares to tell his sister .....Hee listen grrrrrrrrrr.

What a lovely day with "The Mafingafamily" we missed Ijaba(Beaudor's Mother) she was doing her nap with the puppies in her belly.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. heerlijk he al die honden bij elkaar!
    Jij hebt vast genoten!!!
    beautje ook!

    Liefs Marianne

  2. Oh Beaudor, I would have been giving my friends kisses too....it's just to difficult to refrain from giving kisses when we like someone. :)


  3. Ha Beautje,
    Ik ben altijd GEK op jouw kusjes!!!!!!
    xxx Jørna


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