donderdag 4 februari 2010

Chien de Chasse

Last Christmas when we were in France,some people made Marja afraid and said that I was on the list of dangerous dogs.....
Yesterday we got news from the French Ridgebackclub that I am a Chien de Chasse pfffffffffff.
Now I understand what was on the sign...a Huntingdog but Marja always call me back when I am chasing rabbits.

Here I am on the lookout for Partridges there are a lot of them in France,now I'm counting the days that we go back to France.
It's official I'm a HUNTINGDOG.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. O jee geweldig die laatste foto!!!!!!
    Wat nou gevaarlijke hond???? Je bent de liefste gek die ik ken!

  2. Wow! We're hunting dogs! Maybe that's why I'm always chasing the cats around the house!

  3. So, that means they took you off the dangerous list??? I sure hope so. I read an article about us being banned in London but don't know if it is true. I was very upset by this. You certainly look like an excellent hunting dog.


  4. Hoi Marja, wat is je hond alweer groot zeg en leuke foto's hoor.

    Groetjes Irene

  5. Zo Beau weer blij dat je thuis bent?
    Jij zeker ook?

    liefs Marianne


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