woensdag 8 december 2010

Guess who came to visit with lots of presents....

Now I'm a Big Boy got myself a Big Soccerbal......

Marianne wanted a kiss,but at first I was a bit shy(is it spelled right?)

Then I couldn't stop myself just LOVE her to bits.....

Me and my favourite Girl well from the Humans....
Almost I forgot to thank her for my new bloglook,didn't you notice the new brownversion ;))

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  1. Love the new look Blog...goes with your coloring very nicely, and I can see you lovin Marianne as ever.

  2. Beaudor - you and Marianne are both too adorable!!!! It's great fun to see you giving her some of those "wet ones"! And....I particularly love the shot of you peeking your head over the dining table! You know how to pose!!!!

    Marja...as always - a teriffic post! Your friendship with Marianne is so wonderful - really, you both are sisters!!!

    Love to you, Beaudor and Marianne!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. B....I'm so jealous!! I want to be there with my sisters M&M ;)

    Of course we noticed the new blog look, and Marja did a post about it too, right?
    It's beautiful!! And all because you're a BIG boy now.

    How many kisses did M get?? Just asking ;)

    Looks like good wine! Except it's probably chardonney, Marja's favorite. I'll have to talk to her before my visit :)

    I see snow outside...BRRRRRRRRRR.

    I'll see you in warmer weather!

    Love the new soccer ball...it rocks!
    Auntie Lolo♥♥

  4. Hahaha!!!
    I still didn't shower...................

    Ja wat een bink he!
    Leuke foto's ook weer!
    Was vrij snel thuis.
    Alleen bij de afslag was het even druk.

    Gisteren naar de tandarts geweest. Inderdaad ontsteking en moet de 23e naar de kaakchirurg.

    Er is gisteren hier nog wat met de post bezorgd voor jou. Ik stuur het na.............

    Liefs en een natte zoen aan mijn grote jongen!

  5. I also love the new blog look. Thanks for posting me and mom in the other blog. I've been having an upset tummy, so have not been writing much. Its much better now, but mom thinks I've lost weight over the past week eating nothing but chicken and rice (and cottage cheese). Do you still eat salmon for your meals?


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