zondag 26 juni 2011

I'm uncle Beaudor now!!!

We are very proud of Jua my sister ,who gave birth at 8 Beautiful PUPPIES.,so sad that one boy was stillborn...there are 5 girls and two boys.

Congratulations Dear Jorna and Rene the Humans from Jua .A very proud "Uncle Beaudor"....

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  1. Oh Beaudor - you must be so proud of Jua and her pups! They are so teensy...they don't even look real....but soon, they will begin growing into beautiful Ridgies - just like their Mum and Dad....AND...their magnificient Uncle!!!!

    Congratuations to all - including Jorna and Rene!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  2. Oh gefeliciteerd!!!!
    Nou heb ik nog niet gebeld......
    Ben de hele dag aan t werk geweest. Terras is schoon! Spic and Span..... Ziet er lekker uit. Ook de ramen gezeemd Ben nu wel een eind op.
    We hebben nog steeds niet gebeld...........Morge?n???

    De kleintjes zien er heerlijk uit! wat een genot!
    Ik hoor en zie er vast nof meer van.


  3. It's Tante Robin - back again....you have added more photos....I am totally in love with all of these teensy (for now) Ridgies... they are so filled with joy and life!!!!!

    Hugs to ALL,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  4. Oh My! What sweet puppies! Makes me want to get another one!

  5. these babies are heartwarming and exciting to behold. for me there is nothing else like newborns. might one join you in the home of your beloved family? would you like that, beaudor? :^)

  6. Awww congrats to you uncle Beaudor and the wonderful mum Jua, the pups are so cute and I am sure will grow up to be grogeous Ridges.

  7. By the time I catch up on the blogs you will be a Grandfather, Beaudor!

    They're very beautiful pups! How could they not be?

    Congratulations to all!


  8. Beaudor, how have you been?? Haven't heard about any adventures lately. Is all well?


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