zaterdag 20 augustus 2011

My girlfriend Zola came for a visit!!!!

Waiting for my Girlfriend to arrive...

Jieha,there She comes!!!!!

Hello Beaudor,here I am....lets rock and roll

Kiss first....

What a wild Girl she is my Zola!

The day after,I had a relaxing day on my sunlounger.....

But also missed Her a lot,maybe soon I'll get my own playfriend.......

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Ohhhh wat heerlijk!!!!!
    So good to see your friends again and you are such a nice couple:)
    I miss you Mr. B

    Liefs uit Holland!

  2. Monsieur B looks exactly like Mr. Bond in that first shot....(Beaudor, *Baywatch Beaudor*)...

    Zola is beautiful.... she's the girl for *B*!
    (What a kiss!)

    I hope they will *rendevous* again!

    A *BWO* to Monsieur B and a huge hug to you!!!!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. beaudor, you look like you belong in that fancy car!

    Nola is the one for you. I like that you gave each other a BWO ;P

    What are you reading on your sunlounger??

    Love and hugs from me!


  4. You're a lucky dog to have a girlfriend and a soon-to-be playfriend!

  5. love designed from above is easy to spot, and this is obviously that!!!

    watching this date unfold is charming, adorable, hilarious, and very well executed! i'm still smiling


  6. Hi Beaudor
    Thanks for the blog post - you make me feel very special xxx see you next time xxx ZOLA


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