donderdag 17 februari 2011

Constructionworks....yakkk I hate it,but Spring is coming...

A little update,the house is still a dusty place....but yesterday there were no carpenters or builders,yippie....

My couch what do you think this does to a dog?

But with sunshine in the woods thats more like it ;))

Here my girlfriend Maxime(bordeauxdog)killed a chicken last week,don't look at me i didn't do it.
They placed something on the bridge you see, don't think that will stop her.....

A little to small for a girlfriend but I love her, Josephine she's called..

This are Toddick,Josephine and their Pawrents as you can see Toddick is in charge....I respect Him a lot.
Thinks he's a bit jealous because his Boss loves me to.....

Just love it here,waking up the rabbits,no Emily just for play if they sit still I stop........

And yes its coming.....Spring......

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh beaudor, I know you hate to live in a mess. And look at your poor couch! I think the guys should pay to clean it.

    How come you are looking so curious in the woods with the green trees? Did you see a rabbit??

    I like your friend Josephine. Same name as M's granddaughter ;)

    Yay, spring is coming!! It was warm here today too.

    Big hugs to mar and a wet one for you because I have spring fever ;)


  2. Oh meid wat is het toch een heerlijke vent!!!!
    Mijn Valentijn;)

  3. Ach, mein lieber Beaudor! Es freut mich das Du ein bischen Fruhling hast! Hier, Winter ist zuruck! Kalt und Windig! Brrrrrr..

    Ich brauche ein "Big, Wet One" von Dir!

    Immer mit Liebe!

    ♥ "Tante Robin" ♥

  4. You always having fun Beaudor out and about with your pals, and forever handsome.


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