maandag 28 februari 2011

Getting real tired of the workman in my house

Its still not finished overhere and I hate it,but I behave ...the workman love Me and give cookies ;))

Look how can they do that to me, looks like prison don't you think

Well when my Humans make a mess, I do to didn't like the tiger anyway...
I am looking for a good Home,clean and tidy can anyone come and get me.....

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Come and live here Mr. B !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No workmen here but your mom won't let you go dear.
    Just hold on a little more dear!
    Will try to visit you soon and when it it really unbearable for you I will smuggle you out of there........

  2. Just think how wonderful it will be when it's all done! You will have your royal palace ;)


  3. EEkk! Bad luck Beaudor - eat the cookies and do the 'take me out for a long walk face' - come to France!
    Your pal

  4. Yes, I'm sure it will be a spectacular home for you when its all done!

  5. Oh Beaudor - don't be sad - here's some good news..come and collect you stylish blog award that I awarded you:

  6. Monsieur Beaudor,
    Ah, if I lived closer, I would whisk you away for a few days of running through Crissy Field in SF....

    BUT, I know how much you would miss your "Mum" and "Dad".... be strong..... this will all be over soon...and you will be happy and love life in your new home!!!

    Immer Mit Liebe,

    ♥ Tante Robin ♥

  7. Arme B, zijn ze nou nog niet klaar? Wat een toestand, zo kom je toch niet aan je schoonheidsslaapjes toe!!! Misschien moet je maar een tijdje naar Wijk aan Zee komen. Was vanmorgen weer eens met je zus op pad en kan wel wat mannen hulp gebruiken. Daarna in alle rust in de zon bij liggen komen. Thats de life we like B!!! Doggies, walks, eat en sunshine!!!

    Sterkte kerel H5 Joep


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