maandag 7 maart 2011


We had"Lolomail"look what a stunning Nest She made..

The work in the house is coming to a end.....finally,because I'm getting real tired of it.

The color looks good on me don't you think?

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Ben weer online!
    Dag mooie man!!!!!
    Mooi schilderij van LO!
    En je verbouwing krijgt al vorm!!!

    Ga zo in de tuin snoeien ;)

    Liefs M

  2. Oh B, you look so handsome in a tie!
    I'm glad the nest arrived :)
    There should be a little easel stand inside too.

    The house looks good, coming along! The color looks fantastic on you Beaudor!
    Pretty soon the wine sisters can celebrate in the new room ;)


  3. Beaudor, mon Cher - LOLO MAIL is always wonderful! Tante Lolo is wonderful!

    Speaking of wonderful - that's YOU - (love the tie), love the new colour in the house - love you!


    ♥ Tante Robin ♥

  4. Yes I LOVE the color on you! And, Hooray! The work's almost done! Hey, you received an award from Zola. You can see the information on my blog!


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