woensdag 30 maart 2011

Its over!!!!

Well sometimes you'll have to be Brave,but have to say I'm so glad it's over......

Today the new carpet arrived,and as you can see its approved by Me....
Thats a real Ridgiefeeling.......

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Je schuifdeuren zijn geweldig!!!!!
    de rest trouwens ook
    en mr. B is natuurlijk the cherry on the cake!
    slapp weer lekker in mijn eigen bedje;)

    Liefs M

  2. Ah, Monsieur B, you WERE very brave....and now you can relax, in the middle of s sunbeam...and look up at your Mum with love and trust - and those GORGEOUS eyes of yours!!! Everything looks gorgeous.....a palace fit for Prinz Beaudor!

    Sending you a BIG WET ONE from Tante Robin.....

  3. Jipeeeeee, the house is finished!!! I'm so happy all the workers are gone and you can lie on the rug and just be a handsome Ridgie ;)

    it looks beautiful. I hope to see it in person one day!!

    xoxoxo and a big wet one for the very patient Mr. B :P

  4. zo dat ligt erg lekker zo te zien he dat nieuwe tapijt fijn dat nu alles weer goed is

  5. Hi Beaudor!
    Met you through Zola's blog, pleased to meet you!
    I know what you mean by having all your things moved around... One gets affection on old things... Don't know why humans put so many efforts in redecorating... They get so nervous and stressy... anyway... it really looks good!
    I also like your sofa... i am very fond of sofas too, but I am only allowed on my own one!
    Ciao Lucille

  6. Hello Beaudor,

    I just found you while doing some research on my friend's computer. Well, actually it's her person's computer but he lets us use it. It's so good to see how dogs in other parts of the world live. It sounds like your people take good care of you. Here in Portugal I am a free dog but my best friend Rita (whose person owns a bookstore and has the computer we use) is a collared dog. Both ways of life have their advantages and disadvantages.

    I saw the drawing that person did of you. Perhaps as a thank you you could make a drawing of the person. Making marks is a great feeling and opens your eyes to much more in the world around you.

    I look forward to following your life in your part of the world. If you want to see how a free dog in Portugal lives, go to my blog



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