zondag 13 maart 2011

Our trip from last weekend

We went away from the dusty buildingworks in our house,jippie

First stop was for lunch a Truite a la Meuniere

As always I behaved very good in the restaurant..and yeah I did get that last piece of Fish,mmmm

Seems they know Marja has something with butterflies the trail was called M1 and was marked with these signs.......

Here We saw 5 Deers running it took my breath away so beautiful,didn't go and chased them,Good Boy.....

At the promenade along the Mosel there were some scary things...

Hee Swan,I'm not a ugly duck.....I'm Beau that means "Beautiful"haha..

No Friend of mine,He was after the cookies in the bag of Ruud....

Look a prison where they leave the gate open...

Bad news look at the sign you can't drink the water...well for me anyway because R&M rather drink wine,they call water ...Duckbeer.....

Whats that are we going home nooooooooo

The local bar wasn't very stylish...

But I brought my own Home with me....

were on the right track you see?

Bye for now,be back one day

Going Home tssssssssssss.

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  1. Bon Jour, Cher Beaudor! No one captures the essence of their day like YOU! What a wonderful day the three of you had! Those Trout being back memories of my first time ordering in in Germany....when the ENTIRE fish - with head - and little staring eyes appeard, I thought I would faint! (I did maanage to eat it tho - cos' I love Trout!)

    Tell your Mum she takes the BEST photos - she really caprures all of your expressions perfectly - and that makes your Tante Robin very happy! (Tante R is also proud you did NOT run after those deer!)

    I know that soon your home will done - all will be gorgeous and relaxing! Until then, know how much your Mum and Dad love you - and hey - your Tantes across the Ocean too!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  2. Oh my! What a fun weekend getaway! Do you get to go in any restaurant/bar? They don't let us here. Boo! What a wonderful place you're in!

  3. Looks like fun away from the smell of paint..we are very lucky that we can go with our humans to restaurants & bars in France and other countries in Europe.
    Playbow, Zola

  4. I want to be there!!!!

    Beaudor, I agree with tante Robin, you are a good boy for not chasing the deer :) And the swan who wanted your cookies.

    You can go into the restaurants anywhere there? How wonderful! Emma would like that but then she would be sad not to be able to eat anything left on my plate :( She can't have anything but her special diet for sensitive tunmmys. But I cook her chicken and brown rice and she eats three times a day, not bad!

    hahahaha!duckbeer!! I'll remember that. Tell Mar starting tomorrow I am going 30 days with NO wine! I want to see if my weight changes ;P

    I love the faces you were making waiting for fish!

    I hope the house is finished soon. I know you hate the dust and the noise!

    Sending hugs and love!

  5. Waar ben je nou geweest?
    Die B what kan die kijken he , die zou ik zo mijn hele vis geven!

    Heb het lekker hier in Mexico als een stokstaartje van de zon genoten.
    Vanavond terug vliegen.

    Zien elkaar snel nu!

    Liefs M


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