zondag 20 maart 2011



and Go.....

The beach,I'm flying......

well half of me is flying ;))


mmmm.... like her

oeff,,,, a real Girlpowerrrrr

Need glasses,I'm seeing double....

having fun

Turbopower......always getting a bit crazy in that grass.....

My Marianne is coming to with Droppie and Cookie.

What a Doggieday,zzzzzzzzzz.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. What more can I say? NO ONE KNOWS how to enjoy himself more than you, Monsieur B!!!! Jee-Haw is your mantra! And...you have such good parents!

    I adore the photo where the back-half is actually flying! And the twins! Too funny!
    What a greeting you gave Tante Marianne! (Koekie and Droppie probably thought, "O no, here comes the big guy again"!) The photo of you with "M & M" is priecless!

    And...the last photo is ADORABLE!!!!!

    Love to all,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  2. i miss my big california beach :(

    Looks like a perfect day Beaudor!! haha, I love the twins and that sexy huskey ;)

    You were really flying!!!!!!!!

    I love the picture of you, mama and Marianne. I will steal a copy, okay??

    Sweet dreams, big guy! Big wet kisses to you!!


  3. Oh my! What a fun day for you! No wonder you're exhausted!

  4. What a day!!!!
    And I saw you again today!
    I am really proud of you because you behaved so well!!!!!!! But I love you when you are a little bit crazy and naughty. You know I never can get angry at you........

    liefs M

  5. Oh Beaudor....that beach trip looks like it was soooo fun! There's nothing like running in the sand! I'm glad you had some fun furiends to play with too!



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