zondag 10 april 2011

Just love Springtime with juicy Lambsbones

Hello everyone,we've are very busy but didn't forgot you all, just don't have time to visit all your blogs.

And auntie Robin your my favourite Lamb,xxx.

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  1. Mmmmm, yummy!!! Emma would love that but she can't have bones (or meat) like that. She gets boiled chicken three times a day though so she's happy :)

    How's the house Beaudor?? When are you leaving for France? Tell Mar to take more pictures of you. We love it when you are here!


  2. Beaudor....are you making a pun out of Tante Robin's surname? A-ha-ha!!!! It's ok - Tante R loves you......and my goodness....you really are enjoying that "snack"!! Your Mum takes the best photos!

    Sending all many hugs and hopes the Spring is REALLY here now! Time for you to have those runs through the forest, the beaches..... ah.....what a life!

    A big wet one to you!


    ♥ Tante Robin ♥

  3. he lekkere vent!!!!!
    geniet maar lekker.
    De zon schijnt hier en mijn rainbow maker draait. Ik zit lekker aan de koffie alles een beetje te lezen en te bekijken.
    Hopelijk zie ik je weer gauw♥

  4. Yum. My favourite is lambs neck....yummy..drool..slobber..Hello Beaudor - are you about next week or the week after? Heehee...Zola xxxxx


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