dinsdag 4 januari 2011

Christmasholiday Part Two

And "Yes" with 4 hours delay because of a broken radar in the plane they arrived........
First we had a walk to my favourite huntingarea,yeah I know I'm a spoiled
doggie ;))

Come up here Sousja and Nick it's fun!!!!

Are you comingggggggggggg

A real Gentleman my "Nick"

Run,run I love it here

Lessons about the "Picholine"olive its one thats only growing in our area,well I don't like it my Pawrents do

This is the oliveraie from Pierre and Colette my Grandmere et Pere in France,you know they are the neighbours but after almost 10 years in France became our Family.

Yeah always watch out when Nick's around,He's like Me stays a Baby
,as you can see We had a lot of rain (((;but now its Blue Skies....

Back to the house for a juicy bone from the butcher.....

3 opmerkingen:

  1. One day I'll be there to see the beauty in person!
    How was that bone Beaudor?? Yummy?

    Such a gentleman, that Nick, but then he teases her! Typical man ;)

    Someone else has to take the pictures sometimes so mam can be in the photos!

    Happy day B!!


  2. What a wonderful day! I love to see Monsieur B, ears flapping wildly as he gallops! His whole body resonates JOY!

    Picholine olives.....umm.....love them! (Although I know Beaudor prefers that yummy bone!)

    Great shots - what a lovely family! But, Lo is right - we would love a photo of you too!

    Hugs to all - and a big wet one to my favourite Ridgie!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. Hij doet het vast goed op het blaasgruis dieet!!!!!

    Was fijn om je weer te zien en de 20e weer ja!

    The olives were delicious!!! I made chicken cashew tonight!

    Tot gauw!!!!



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