maandag 10 januari 2011

Renessebeach with lots of family

Was a lucky Boy again yesterday We went to Renessebeach with Nick,Sousja,Harry(brother of Ruud),Monique(his wife),Cas(his son),Ruud and Marja.

Look what was waiting for Us......(click on the photo to enlarge)

Ridgebacks don't like water,but when your family is on the other side,be a Man.

And again I was a good boy didn't chase the shelty .......

Just love the beach,wish I could have my Home near Marianne just 10 minutes from here,who knows ,one day.....

Nick and Me...

Playing undercover,look for Me....

Loved this Girl,my humans told me she was to big,well then you have lots to love......

Good boy again,didn't even think to chase the horse,yes I'm almost a Adult....

As always after the walk a little bite to eat and drinks as well.

Bye,bye beach hope to come back real soon....

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  1. Oooooh! Look at all the sun where you are! What wonderful Ridgeback weather! And you are so good not chasing the horsies! I go see a specialist this week to figure out why I get sick. Today I go get my weekly weight checked. My heaviest was 82 pounds, but I lost 10 in December when I got sick. Booo!

  2. Marianne lives only 10 minutes from that beach?? I love it!! Emma and I miss the beach in California :(

    Who's house is that? I like it! I spotted the wine because I'm one of the wine sisters ;)

    Beaudor, I'm glad you like the big girls! More to love!

    See you next time...for real one day :)


  3. Yeah lucky girl She is,thats why B. wants to live there to.
    Its a restaurant on the beach the same one we went this summer with M. but then we were on the terrace.
    Maybe this year the 3 of us will go ;))

  4. Gorgeous photos!!!! Beaudor, your "Tante Robin" hugs you for leaving the Horsies alone! I ADORE the photo of you with ALL the Famalie (including Marianne).....

    Being a "California Girl", I too, adore the beach - but also horses.....I miss going riding!

    One day, I KNOW, the four "Wine-madchen" and you, beloved Ridgie, will all get together for a run on the beach and many "big, wet ones"!


    "♥ Tante Robin ♥ "

  5. beaudor, you are so debonair!!!! what a way to spend a day. i am closing my eyes to see you run Ah! what a sight.

    i would love to be at the ocean and see a horse or two.

    oh, and i think make that five.


  6. Seems like the perfect day out!
    Ziet er ook weer errug gezellig uit allemaal. En die Beau, wat gedraagt die zich toch weer perfect he! MY boy!

    Liefs M


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