maandag 3 januari 2011

Happy Newyear for All of You my Friends and Lovers

After a snowyride through Belgium (the snow was higher then Me),all the trucks were blocked on the right side of the road,we arrived in France ,jippie......
Our first morning we woke up with yes"Sunshine".....
The next with"Snow",oeps I didn't come here for that......

Well I had to stay indoors anyway ,someone had to watch the Presents...

The Tree was standing everything was waiting for Granddad,Nick and Sousja,hoping they could come because a lot of airports were closed.

Will be continued.......

6 opmerkingen:

  1. are you back in Holland B???? Where's Mar? I've missed you both!

    Thank you for all of my Christmas goodies. I hope to make nice pictures with the pencils!

    Guess what? I have skype and a webcam now so maybe we can talk when marianne visits. Jippee!!!!

    Happy new year and a big wet kiss!

    Auntie Lolo♥

  2. I know the story has a happy end............. :)
    So glad you are back and online again!!!!!!
    We all missed you.
    See your Mum tomorrow :)
    Hope to see you soon as well my big brown friend!


  3. Ps wat ziet het er gezellig uit!!!!!!!!

  4. BEAUDOR!!!!! I have missed you! (And Marja too, of course!) I love your expression as you "guarded" the Christmas tree and presents!

    There really is only ONE Beaudor!

    I am looking forward to the next installment.....

    A big wet one to you, beloved Ridgie...and many, many hugs to Marja and family!

    May 2011 bring you all health, joy and many "jipees"!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. Happy New Year, Beaudor. Thank you for your nice card. Such a great photo with you and butterflies.

  6. beaudor, you are so very strikingly handsome. do people and other dogs and even cats and squirrels stop you on the street and tell you that? :)

    i happen to know you are home now. please kiss marianne on the lips for me.



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