zondag 16 januari 2011

Who is this "Beautiful Guy"?

Does anyone know who this is?

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  1. is it Noldor???

    Whoever he is, he's beautiful!!

    It doesn't look like Beaudor, but are you trying to fool us??


  2. Hmmmm..it most definitely isn't Mr. B.....but I am thinking perhaps a "she"? Is it Jua?

    Come on, Mar, you HAVE to tell us! (If not, Beaudor, you get on the pc and let us know!)

    Hoping you have sun! We are sitting under a thick, wet blanket of FOG! Waaaaaaaah!

    Love to both,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. Yes, my guess is also your dad, Noldor. I have to go to the doctor Wednesday to have a procedure done to see if I have inflammatory bowel disease :( At least if I have it, mom will be less stressed out since we'll know what it is. She's happy that I've put on some weight and am up to 76 pounds. Still have to gain 6 more to get back to my normal weight. Hope all is well with you, Beaudor

  4. Its my Granddad from my Mothers side called "Ye Yapha Ben Shemen",Marja had a Coup de Foudre (in English ,Head over Heals?),when She met Him for the first time.
    She still feels his head on her knee, :))High 5 ,Beaudor

  5. Wow You can see something of Beau in him and Ijaba!
    What a lovely dog!
    But nothing beats my Beau!
    Please give him a hug !!!! I am feeling better each day. YEAH!


  6. Beaudor - you must excuse your "Tante Robin" for having a "blonde" moment.... IF had read the post title correctly, I would have noticd the word "Guy"....

    But....I did know it wasn't you, oh handsome one! Of course, I could understand how Marja fell so completely under his spell.....

    Still, NOONE is as gorgeous as you, mon Prinz! Especially your wise, wonderful eyes...


    ♥ Tante Robin ♥

  7. p.s. Big hugs to Remi..... sending love and prayers that he is soon recovered and all weight gained back so that he is his usual, wonderful self!


    ♥ Robin ♥


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